"Participating corporations will receive tax rebates, along with quantified mileage for branding"

     A Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) is a bundle-device required to enable a TV set to receive and decode digital TV transmission. A CPE set includes a decoder, an indoor antenna and a remote control. As part of MYTV’s commitment to ensure that DTT will reach at least 98 percent of households in Malaysia by 2016, a total of two million CPE sets will be distributed for free to selected low-income households especially in the rural areas. Currently, the plan is to distribute the two (2) million subsidised CPEs to deserving recipients, from a list to be provided by the Government.

     In addition to the two million subsidised CPEs, MYTV will also embark on a ’Towards Digital for All” programme to raise an additional four (4) million sponsored CPEs to ensure further connectivity for rural households in the country. This contribution is deemed as Corporate Social Responsibility for a National agenda. Besides bridging the gap between those who have access to technology and those who don’t, corporations will also have the opportunity to close the digital divide between rural and urban folks in the country. More importantly, the sponsors will be able to contribute to the digital transformation in the country and play an important role in transforming the lives of all Malaysians via this broadcasting evolution.

     Participating corporations are entitled for corporate tax rebates, along with quantified mileage for branding. We are also able to customise the sponsorship packages to suit the different Corporate Social Responsiblity programmes of each corporation. If you are interested to be a part of this program or require more information on the sponsorship packages, please contact us.