The Set-top Box (“STB”) unit is guaranteed by MYTV against defective materials and manufacturing defaults for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. The exception on warranty period of three (3) months shall apply for the Remote Control Unit (“RCU”) (collectively referred to as “Products”)

The warranty does not apply to any breakage or defect resulting from accidents, disassembly, misuse, or any unauthorized modifications or alterations.

This warranty will be null and void in the event that at any time during the warranty period, any part or parts of the Products is or are removed, altered, tampered with, adjusted, modified, dismantled, repaired or handled in any way whatsoever by any person or persons not authorized by MYTV.

The purchaser is required to present Case Reference Number and Customer Form as an original proof of purchase document when after-sales service is required.

MYTV’s liability under this warranty is limited to replacing defective STB and RCU only. MYTV shall not be in any way liable for any consequential, incidental or indirect damages whatsoever arising from or in connection with the use, inability to use or performance of the Products, including without limitation to loss of profits, loss of business or damage of other property due to the malfunction of the Products.

The warranty expressly provided herein is the sole and exclusive warranty provided in connection with the Products and no other warranties or representations, of any kind, whether oral, written, express or implied including without limitation any implied warranties of quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are provided. In so far as any written warranties cannot be excluded, such warranties shall be limited to the terms of this warranty and for the warranty period expressed herein.