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  • Why is a change of frequency needed?

    This process is in line with MCMC’s plans to prepare the 700 MHz band for broadband services or 5G. This will involve the change in one or two of the frequencies based on the transmission towers.

  • When will the restacking frequency of digital TV broadcast system begin?

    MYTV will perform the restacking frequency works on the digital TV broadcast system in stages throughout the first quarter of 2020. It will involve only 23 of the 44 transmission stations in this switch. Please download the following file for all information related to the stations involved here.

  • How to tune in to the proper frequency?

    Digital TV Broadcast is transmitted over two frequencies from the transmitting station. To receive Digital TV Broadcast, DVB-T2 decoders or digital TVs MUST receive digital transmissions from nearby transmitters via UHF antenna that are properly installed. Tuning can be done automatically or manually. With auto tuning, it will automatically accept all digital TV broadcast channels. However, if the tuning is done manually, you would have to tune twice to receive the frequency. Please refer to frequency information here .

  • List of Change in Frequency

  • How to re-scan?

    Follow the steps to re-scanning your DVB-T2 decoder or IDTV here . Please contact the MYTV Customer Service Centre at 1300-80-6988 for more information.

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