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  • How do I switch to digital TV broadcast?

    First, find out the type of equipment you need by checking if your TV is digital-ready. A digital-ready TV has a built-in DVB-T2 digital tuner.

    If your TV is digital-ready, you will need a UHF antenna. If your TV is not digital-ready, you will need a UHF antenna and a DVB-T2 digital set-top-box.

    You may purchase certified DVB-T2 decoders or IDTV from our Authorised Dealers .

  • How do I install?

    Simple self-installation guide can be found at installation guide (if you already have UHF antenna). If you need technical assistance, you may call MYTV Customer Careline 1300-80-6988 or contact your nearest Installer.

  • Will there be charges for the DTT decoder installation?

    MYTV decoder users are advised to do their own installation by referring to the Installation Guide included in the decoder sets. However, should any assistance is required, please contact MYTV Customer Careline 1300-80-6988 or MYTV Registered Installer.

    Terms & Conditions:
    Installation charges are as stated;

    • Outdoor antenna installation service will be charged a standard amount of RM180.00.
    • Charges include antenna set only.
    • For maintenance service, each visit will be charged a minimum of RM50.00.
    • Guarantee / Warranty for installation by third party contractors are only valid for seven (7) days. Customers are advised to contact the contractor directly for any technical problems within the warranty period.
    • The usage of technical and maintenance services are at your own risk and MYTV is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur.

    NOTE: Technical services for installation and maintenance are provided by third party contractors registered with MYTV Broadcasting Sdn Bhd.

  • Can I only use a universal remote for both the decoder and my TV set. How do I do that?

    MYTV decoders are only compatible with MYTV remote controls.

  • How do I decide on a suitable antenna?

    An outdoor UHF antenna is the best choice. However, indoor UHF antennas are also usable as long as you are residing within 25km of a transmission station. You are advised to test out your existing indoor or outdoor antennas beforehand. Please refer to the Coverage Map to identify the nearest transmitter in the area.

  • What if I live in a multi-storey building?

    You can directly connect digital TV or DVB-T2 decoder to the MATV (Master Antenna TV System) system if your building is equipped with a centralized digital antenna system. Please contact your home management office to confirm the suitability of the existing MATV system.

  • What if I live in a landed property?

    An indoor antenna is not required if you have an existing UHF rooftop antenna to receive Digital TV Broadcast. You can connect your digital-ready TV or decoder directly to the outdoor UHF aerial. For technical assistance, you could seek the advice of our Registered Installers.

  • What if I own or manage a commercial building?

    You may contact and seek advice from our Registered Installers (*link to DTT Installers) on the reception via MATV system to ensure the smoothness of digital TV broadcast signal reception.

  • How to tune in to the proper frequency?

    We recommend that you tune it automatically via the DVB-T2 or IDTV to receive digital TV broadcast channels. You may also tune it manually by referring to the list of frequency here.

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